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Submission Guidelines

We’re thrilled that you’re joining our conversation and we’re excited to share your thoughts and stories with the community.


We do want to help ensure a safe, respectful and supportive environment for our users, so here are a few ground rules to keep in mind when posting anything to our websites and social media platforms:


Please note that we do edit stories and their titles for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. For example, this might mean your title will be changed or certain language will be removed.


Also, unfortunately, we can’t publish every story or blog post that we receive.   Please don’t take us turning down a story as us saying your stories don’t have value. Although we monitor this page carefully, we may not immediately review your posting. In addition, we are not able to answer your questions as our very small staff has their hands full with just reading your stories.


Respect Our Community

Our users come from all different walks of life, with a variety of experiences and stories, so please keep it nice when participating in the conversation. That means any materials you submit must not contain, depict, include or involve, without limitation, any of the following:

  • Content that endorses or condones any illegal, inappropriate, abusive or risky activity or behavior;
  • Violent conduct;
  • Pornography or explicit/graphic sexual activity, or sexual innuendo;
  • Content that exploits or could harm children;
  • Nudity that might be perceived as inappropriate or offensive;
  • Promotion of drug use or other addictive/harmful behaviours (e.g. eating disorders or cutting);
  • Hate speech (including, without limitation, slurs against race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability or age);
  • Copyrighted or trademarked material that you don’t own or aren’t authorized to use;
  • Predatory behaviour such as harassment, bullying, stalking, threats, hacking, invading others’ privacy or revealing others’ private information;
  • Content that displays impersonation or imitation in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse or deceive others;
  • Spam, advertisements, or other overtly promotional materials;
  • Malware or viruses;
  • Content that we deem to be excessive in quantity, frequency or length; and/or
  • Any other content that is or could be considered inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive, all as determined by us in our sole and absolute discretion.
  • We respect intellectual property laws. By posting and/or submitting material to our websites, you represent that you have the right to share the material in your submitted content, including (without limitation) trademarks and copyrighted material.


By submitting this content, you provide appropriate licenses for its use.


When you submit this content (the “Content”) to this blog through PAI, Inc. (d/b/a Excentia/S.June Smith Center) products or services (the “Services”), you grant PAI, Inc. (d/b/a Excentia/S.June Smith Center) and this blogger (“Subscriber”) a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable right and license to use, host, store, cache, reproduce, publish, display (publicly or otherwise), perform (publicly or otherwise), distribute, transmit, modify, adapt (including, without limitation, in order to conform it to the requirements of any networks, devices, services, or media through which the Services are available), and create derivative works of the Content.


The rights you grant in this license are for the purposes stated by Subscriber on his or her blog and, at minimum, for the purpose of posting the Content to the Services for use in accordance with PAI, Inc. (d/b/a Excentia/S.June Smith Center)’s policies.


When submitting a story, please consider the following:

  • Think about the privacy of loved ones, friends and strangers mentioned in your story. Be respectful when sharing details of others’ lives.
  • Tell your story through your own perspective. Try not to make assumptions about how others in your story are feeling or thinking.
  • Please avoid suggesting that another person’s circumstances are better or worse than your own.
  • Use respectful language. If your post is critical, which it can be, it should also be constructive.
  • We welcome both person-first language (i.e. “person with disability”) and identity-first language (i.e. “disabled person”).
  • We appreciate if you provide sources for any facts stated.
  • Think about this question: “What is the purpose of my post?” This can have multiple answers: to share something you’ve learned, to let others know they’re not alone, etc.


Views Are Not Necessarily Reflective

Comments or opinions expressed on our websites are those of their respective contributors only. The views expressed on our website do not necessarily represent or reflect our view(s). We are not responsible for, and disclaim any liability in relation to, the comments/materials posted by contributors to our website.


Talk To Us

We welcome any and all feedback, comments and suggestions (although please note that we may not always respond to each individual message).



We take the safety of our community very seriously. Violation of these terms (or our terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of the applicable social media platform) may result in warning communications or you being banned from our community.

Thank you for sharing with us!