NOW HIRING – Speech Therapist for infant toddler early intervention, focusing on addressing receptive and expressive communication skills, oral motor skills and feeding skills. APPLY NOW

NOW HIRING – Speech Therapist for infant toddler early intervention!

Yes! I want to help people with developmental needs to live happy, independent lives.

TRAIL Academy is one of many programs Excentia Human Services offers to help ensure that all people have equal value and opportunities to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We are constantly striving to develop innovative services, empower more people, and create real change in our community. Your support can make the difference in widening our reach, expanding the TRAIL Academy program, and enhancing the lives of people with developmental needs.

There are over 425 people with intellectual disabilities in Lancaster County, and more than 13,000 in Pennsylvania, who are waiting for supports and services. Your gift today will make a powerful impact.

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