Making a SPLASH

You peer through the window to catch a glimpse of this story hour you’ve heard about, called SPLASH (Sound Play Language Awareness Story Hour.) But where is the book? No one is reading. You see a group of eight parents and their children being led by a woman to march in place, hop up and […]

Loose Parts

When exploring TimberNook of Lancaster County at Climber’s Run, a number of random items might catch your eye…a wood pallet by the creek, a spool in the grass, sheer curtains hanging from a branch, a rain gutter leaning against a tree, and baskets of odds and ends. These items, with nature as their backdrop, begin […]

Sensory Play

Sensory processing is getting a lot of attention in the world of child development. Much of the public knowledge centers on children who are overly sensitive to sensations like noise, touch, and movement which may cause a child to respond in an aggressive or withdrawn manner. Sensory-sensitive activities are springing up in lots of locations, […]