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Learning Together — Inclusive Preschool Programs in Lancaster, PA

Our preschools are inclusive environments where children of all abilities learn together. Children who attend our preschools range from age 3 to school age. We use state-recognized preschool early learning standards as a guide in developing early learning activities which help all children prepare for kindergarten and school-age programs.

At Excentia Human Services,  our classrooms have fewer children and more staff than most of the preschool programs in the county, which allows us to focus on every child’s individual growth.  We meet the educational needs of all children in our classrooms by using a variety of learning strategies and approaches specific to the unique learning styles of each child in our program. 

What Is an Inclusive Preschool Program?

An inclusive preschool program differs from most traditional preschool setting because it teaches children with and without disabilities in the same classroom. It is a space where all students can feel supported intellectually and academically while having a sense of belonging.

We believe that it is important for all children to collaborate in a constructive environment. This setting allows children with developmental delays to work alongside those who do not. This experience is unique and beneficial as children with disabilities are often isolated from their peers in typical school settings.

While all students work together, inclusive preschool intervention programs recognize that no two students are alike. Teachers receive training to support every unique learning need within their education plan in this environment.

Benefits of an Inclusive Preschool

Our teachers find that the inclusive environment of our preschools is mutually beneficial. Placing students with varying abilities in the same classroom allows them to learn from one another, promoting a positive and inclusive community. Realizing that all children have strengths and challenges can increase their feelings of self-acceptance, confidence and autonomy.

Specifically, benefits for children with disabilities or delays include:

Benefits for children without disabilities include:

Our Inclusive Preschools

At Excentia Human Services, our preschools follow the educational extended school year calendar, which provides regular breaks and holidays. The typical school day is from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and includes the lunch meal. Our preschools are conveniently located in Ephrata, Mountville, and Mount Joy.

Our teachers meet state licensing requirements and are trained to lead both general and special education preschool programs. This way, both methods of instruction are tuned toward fulfilling a student’s specific need.

Children with an individualized education plan who attend our preschool classrooms may receive specialized instruction and physical, occupational, and speech therapies specific to each child’s program needs. The parent is an active participant in making this plan as they know the best practices for their child’s learning ability.

These therapies are provided in an integrated setting in the classroom, on the playground, or wherever else needed:

  • Occupational therapy: Your child will gain the ability to act out activities that fall within your daily routine, like tying their shoes, feeding themselves or taking the time for rest. These functions improve as this therapy continues to progress.
  • Physical therapy: Motion, hearing and seeing are the main traits targeted in PT. Through a play-based model, therapists will aid your child in performing a series of interventions to restore or enhance all factors related to mobility.
  • Speech/communication therapy: Treating any communication barriers in a child’s life can help them overcome any present behaviors or other frustrations like poor reading skills or interaction complications. We take every opportunity for your child’s voice to be heard.

A Keystone STARS designation informs parents that their children are in a safe, respectful environment in which they are learning new things every day to support their current and future successes in school and in life. We proudly hold a 3 star Keystone STARS rating, meaning we go above and beyond required performance standards.

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The staff at Excentia Human Services is passionate about upholding our values to the highest degree. We believe in approaching everything we do with respect, positivity, equality and fairness for your family and your child. Our mission is for our programs to become a catalyst for enhancing lives and transforming communities into inclusive places for everyone — with or without disabilities.

Are you interested in enrolling your child in an Early Childhood Services inclusive preschool classroom? We are currently accepting enrollment applications. Please call 717-519-6746 ext. 333 for more information on finding a location near you.



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