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Community Participation Supports provide opportunities for people to integrate themselves into their community while also providing opportunities for site-based activities. Community experiences allow people to explore their community and possibilities for employment. They also encourage social readiness and skill development, while growing one’s independence and confidence. Through both community-based and site-based supports, individuals learn to self-advocate and take responsibility of oneself while being provided choice and control.


Community-based supports help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities become connected with their community. The goal of this program, also known as Independent U, is to give participants the tools they need to gain personal and professional independence through volunteer work. Participants explore various locations based on their skills, interests and needs. With the help of support staff, participants make contacts throughout Lancaster County, set up daily volunteer schedules, work toward desired outcomes, and build interpersonal skills.


We understand that not everyone is ready for employment and not everyone wants to spend the majority of their time in the community. Site-based supports are individualized, flexible and tailored to fit specific participant needs. Individuals learn about themselves and the world around them through structured and enriching opportunities in the community and the facility.

Virtual Programming

Excentia’s virtual programming seeks to accomplish the same great outcomes as in-person supports; development of functional independent skill sets, increased level of socialization and social capital, and expanded access to employment and community involvement. Through meaningful, enriching programs and innovative delivery systems, Excentia continues to focus on the interests, preferences, talents, and strengths of the participants and provide a broad range of integrated activities.

Join us on Virtual Programming on the second Tuesday of each month for a special Community Connection session with Kathy’s Circle of Friends (KCOF)! The nonprofit arm of Primitives by Kathy, KCOF works to encourage socialization, friendship, and a sense of community for adults with disabilities.

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If you have a question or would like more information, please contact Cory, Community Life Services Lead.

Community Participation Supports

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