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Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers

Early intervention services help children from birth to age 5 who are experiencing developmental delays or disabilities. A child’s early experiences play a vital role in brain development. Addressing delays or disabilities early can be beneficial to a child’s development both now and in the future.

Specifically, our infant and toddler program works with children from birth to age 3. We work alongside parents and their children to promote natural learning in the child’s formative years, along with establishing collaboration skills. Excentia Human Services can help your child develop their full learning potential.

Services are provided in environments that are parts of a child’s daily routine, such as the home or daycare. Our staff act as coaches to empower parents and caregivers to provide learning opportunities during a child’s routine. This approach gives the child many chances to practice and develop skills during everyday activities.

Our staff addresses needs in areas such as:

  • Physical skills: As your child’s muscles develop, we will work to develop fine motor skills and strength from crawling to dancing and running. These skills also include the ability to see and hear.
  • Social skills: Through a play-based model, your child will interact with other children on a daily basis. Through this interaction, they can learn to relate to those around them.
  • Communication skills: As your child plays alongside others their age, they can start to talk and express their needs to other children. This collaboration will help accelerate their ability to communicate.
  • Cognitive/learning skills: These skills teach your child to process everything they see and hear. They will start to learn from our staff and those they interact with.
  • Adaptive skills: Your child will learn basic activities of daily living through our services. These actions include eating, dressing and sleeping as they begin to learn the basics of taking care of themselves.

Additional Supports for Infants and Toddlers With Developmental Disabilities

Early intervention therapies are available for children with developmental delays. At Excentia Human Services, along with learning a natural skill set, we recognize that no two children are alike. Some children may need more practice in specific skills, so we also provide specialized therapy options as a part of our Individualized Family Plans.

Depending on the need, a child may work with one or a combination of:

  • Special instructors: These therapists assist your child by increasing learning opportunities for growth. They promote active participation in every activity, encouraging children to meet their developmental milestones. These services can also introduce self-control and self-regulation.
  • Occupational therapists: Your child will have extra assistance in learning daily tasks like using silverware when eating, putting on their shoes and understanding hygiene. OTs will work with your family to provide a better understanding of your child’s strengths and abilities.
  • Speech therapists: Learning to communicate effectively early in their childhood will make it easier for children with disabilities to have more access to educational opportunities. Speech and language pathologists work with your child to form and sound out words, express their feelings and address any speech impediments that may be present.
  • Physical therapists: Undergoing physical therapy for toddlers includes expanding on general motor skills. A pediatric physical therapist may work with your child to hold their head up when laying on their belly or try different positioning exercises to combat flat head syndrome. PTs can also address rolling, standing, sitting and walking.

Let Excentia Human Services Help Today

At Excentia Human Services, we create hope, enhance lives and transform communities. Bring your child to our early intervention programs and start to see encouraging results in their learning abilities. We believe in approaching everything we do with your child’s needs in mind. For more information on our services and how we can help your child, contact us today.

Melissa Martinez, Director of Childhood Services


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If you have a question or would like more information, please contact Melissa, Director of Children’s Services.

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