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Invisible Abilities

By: Mary Godin Joel at his current job. Joel likes to stock shelves. Specifically, he wants things to be in their place. As his mom, Kay, says, “He is passionate about things being in order.” She chuckles fondly as she relays this to me over the phone; when Joel comes

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A Balancing Act

By: Mary Godin Excentia Human Services’ Employment Specialists Brenda Mitchell (left) and Laurie Becker (right). Emotional intelligence, social awareness, and adaptability. Three of the most crucial skills needed to be an employment specialist at Excentia Human Services. Our team of three, including our Supported Employment Lead, provides job coaching and

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Fine Motor Skill Activities for Preschoolers

Fine motor skills describe a child’s ability to use their small muscles, such as those in their fingers, hands and wrists, while coordinating with their eyes. These skills include tasks that require dexterity, control and strength, like holding small objects, buttoning clothes and writing.  Fine motor skills are beneficial for

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COVID-19 Vaccine Info

Updated 3/9/21 Excentia Human Services stands in support of COVID-19 vaccines and strongly encourages all employees, people we support, and community members to get a vaccine as soon as they are able. Since the vaccinations have been made available, well over a hundred employees have been vaccinated, and more are

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COVID-19 Updates and Policies

Updated 01/06/2022 Resources PA Dept of Health – Coronavirus in Pennsylvania Residential Services Visits at the Residential Home We have made great strides in reducing the numbers of COVID-19 cases in our residential homes and want to continue minimizing the risk to those who reside in the homes. We request

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CEO Message: Going Green

Greetings Excentia Human Services Family, Let me begin by sharing my sincere thanks to all of the people we support and their families. We are extremely happy to report that of the 33 homes we operate, supporting 88 individuals in the community, to date we have had no cases of

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Thank you, Connie

Excentia Human Services would like to celebrate the extraordinary work of one of our most devoted employees: Connie Walp, Director of Early Childhood Services. After many years at Excentia, Connie is retiring and moving on to the next chapter of her life. She has been a loyal and committed team

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Mental Health In This Time of Crisis

By Jessica Brown, MS, LPC, NCC Moving into and through a global pandemic brings out a lot of feelings – surprise, confusion, fear, anxiety, stress, curiosity, questioning, and anger. We see you, we hear you, and we want to meet you in your moment. In a time of crisis, survival

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Tele-intervention as a PT

By Kristina Schroeder, Physical Therapist As a pediatric physical therapist for almost 19 years, I thought I had worked in all settings possible: hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, and homes. I have had the privilege to work with children and their families in all those settings and felt like I could

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