Events with the SJSC

Last week I had the opportunity to visit two of Excentia’s S. June Smith Centers for fun filled days. On Thursday I visited the Ephrata preschool for their Olympic games and then on friday I headed to the Lancaster location for a preschool graduation. One thing that I noticed at each preschool were that the […]

ASA #GetTheFlockTogether

Excentia’s S. June Smith Center has this awareness campaign called “Get the Flock Together” or just “Flocking.” They chose to use flamingos because when they are born they aren’t pink, they are white and the environment they grow up in is what changes their colors and allows them to flourish. This goes hand in hand […]

Scrapbooking Event

Super Saturday Scrapbooking The biggest event that my chapter holds is a scrapbooking event each semester where all the money raised goes directly to Excentia’s S. June Smith Center. This past semester I quickly learned how much time and effort goes into planning and executing a ten-hour scrapbooking day. Pictured: Lexis Lipko at Spring 2017 […]