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Here to Help — Adult Behavioral Support Services

Behavior Support Services are designed to support adults with an intellectual disability, a mental health diagnosis or a genetic disorder.

The program provides personalized services to address an individual’s behavioral, social and emotional challenges. Behavioral challenges may include impulsivity, aggression, elopement, obsessive-repetitive behaviors, causing injury to oneself or any other conduct that impedes the individual’s success.

Adult Behavioral Support Services in Lancaster County

At Excentia Human Services, our services chosen are based on the individual’s needs and strengths. At the beginning of the program, an individual will go through an assessment to determine the skills they already know versus the skills that could use more development. This process also helps the staff, individuals and their families decide which interventions and strategies are necessary to help the individual grow.

Following the assessment, a treatment plan will be completed and include the interventions discussed. Our trained staff will provide the service in the home, community or work environment — whichever is most comfortable. Through this program, adults learn lifelong skills and increased independence through the following therapies:

  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA): Adults with developmental disabilities can increase their communication skills and improve their focus, social skills, memory and academics with ABA therapy. They will also learn how to apply these newly discovered skills to real-world situations like using public transportation or shopping for clothes at the mall.

After all the sessions have been completed, consultative services will pass their learning methods to the individual’s family to ensure their success in all environments.

Benefits of Behavioral Support Services

Behavioral support services for adults with disabilities can teach them a greater sense of independence. The skills they learn will be tuned to their exact situation, even completing the program within the individual’s home to make sure the therapy has been effective. The skills will become lifelong as they continue to apply the tools they gained from treatments like ABA. 

Our priority is focusing on each individual who requires our services. Everything we approach will be tuned to their exact needs.

Funding Options

Services from Excentia Human Services are often available at no cost to the family due to the multiple payment options we have available:

Contact us with any questions you have about receiving financial support.

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Do our behavioral support services sound relevant to your situation? Our team is available to provide more information about how our therapies can benefit adults. Contact us today by filling out our online form below or calling 717-519-6740 to speak with a specialist.

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If you have a question or would like more information, please contact Amanda, our Behavior Specialist Lead.

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