Excentia Human Services supports people with intellectual disabilities to live, work, and thrive in the community.

Excentia Human Services offers a variety of programs to support adults including residential services, behavioral support, supported employment, autism services, home and community supports, and much more.




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Supported Employment Services

We believe all people have the right to work in a stimulating and healthy environment which enhances their quality of life. Excentia Human Services offers job coaching and training, customized employment, on-the-job supports, and community-based work assessments to assist people with developmental disabilities in achieving their employment goals.

Residential Services

Excentia Human Services operates 33 completely integrated residential homes located throughout Lancaster County in a variety of neighborhoods. In-home supports are provided by trained staff and are based on individual needs. Our goal is to develop a strong, natural support system for each individual which includes the community-at-large, family, and friends.

TRAIL Academy

The TRAIL Academy is designed to teach and prepare individuals to live independently, have fulfilling social relationships, and be able to access local resources. The program is time-limited with a maximum of 18 months. Initially providing supports 24 hours per day, the level of support decreases over the course of the program as skill levels and self-confidence increase.

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Behavioral Support Services

Behavior Support Services are designed to support adults with an intellectual disability, a mental health diagnosis, or a genetic disorder. The program provides personalized services to address an individual’s behavioral, social, and emotional challenges. The services chosen are based upon the individual’s needs and strengths. Our trained staff will provide the service in the home, community, or work environment. 

Community Participation Supports

Community Participation Supports provides opportunities for people to be part of  their community while also providing opportunities for site-based activities. These experiences encourage social readiness and skill development, while also increasing independence and confidence. Supports are individualized, flexible and tailored to fit specific participant needs.

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Home & Community Supports

The Home and Community Supports program helps to integrate people into their community and teaches them how to live as independently as possible. Individuals are supported in community locations of their choosing while participating in activities alongside people without disabilities. Commonly learned skills include decision-making, budgeting, self-advocacy, communication and social skills, and more.

Communication Services

Communications Services help ensure that every individual has the ability to communicate to the best of their potential regardless of age, diagnosis, and prior history. The team of speech pathologists, behavior specialists, communication specialists, and occupational therapists conduct customized evaluations to thoroughly assess, trial, and execute plans to give people their voice.

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Autism Services

Excentia Human Services is expanding its programs to better serve the autism community. Current services include monthly meetings are designed to build connections and support families with autism spectrum disorder, as well as in-home supports designed to the needs of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder outlined in the Adult Autism Waiver.


“To see him happy, functioning, and believing ‘I can do anything,’ that makes me happy. He’s so much more confident and independent and grown up.”

– Anonymous, Solicited


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