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We believe all people have the right to work in a stimulating and healthy environment which enhances their quality of life. Excentia Human Services offers job coaching and training, customized employment, on-the-job supports, and community-based work assessments to assist people with developmental disabilities in achieving their employment goals.

We recognize not everyone has the desire or ability to work a 40 hour/week job. We encourage job seekers to pursue opportunities for employment whether it’s a job for 2 hours or 40 hours/week. We believe any degree of competitive employment will enhance your life.

Excentia Human Services offers assistance with the following to help you achieve your employment goals:
  • Discovering your strengths, preferences, and possible contributions in community-based settings
  • Assessing skills and interests through community based work assessments
  • Assisting with finding or developing a job
  • Provides on the job coaching and supports once employment has been obtained
  • Benefits counseling to determine how to maximize your financial gain and maximize your SSI/SSDI benefits

Excentia Human Services is a member of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE). APSE is the only national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to Employment First, a vision that all people with disabilities have a right to competitive employment in an inclusive workforce. 

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From becoming a community work-based assessment location, to employing a job seek, to providing volunteer opportunities for people to learn job skills, you can partner with Excentia Human Services to have a positive impact on people with developmental needs and on our community.


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If you have a question and would like to speak with someone at Excentia, please direct your inquiry to one of our Program Champions. Our Program Champions can be reached by phone during their office hours or you can send them an email. 

We know that life is complicated. We can figure it out – together.

PROGRAM testimonial

“I like being busy, having different things to do. I like to move around at work, not stand in one place. There are nicer co-worker here and they allow me to do different things.”

– Sharon


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