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We believe all people have the right to work in a stimulating and healthy environment which enhances their quality of life. Excentia Human Services offers job coaching and training, customized employment, on-the-job supports, and community-based work assessments to assist people with developmental disabilities in achieving their employment goals.

We recognize not everyone has the desire or ability to work a 40 hour/week job. We encourage job seekers to pursue opportunities for employment whether it’s a job for 2 hours or 40 hours/week. We believe any degree of competitive employment will enhance your life.

Excentia Human Services offers assistance with the following to help you achieve your employment goals:

Excentia Human Services is a member of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE). APSE is the only national, non-profit membership organization dedicated to Employment First, a vision that all people with disabilities have a right to competitive employment in an inclusive workforce. 

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From becoming a community work-based assessment location, to employing a job seeker, to providing volunteer opportunities for people to learn job skills, you can partner with Excentia Human Services to have a positive impact on people with developmental needs and on our community.

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If you have a question or would like more information, please contact Tyler, Supported Employment Services Lead.

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“I like being busy, having different things to do. I like to move around at work, not stand in one place. There are nicer co-worker here and they allow me to do different things.”

– Anonymous, Solicited


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