Created in 2023, The Aspire Foundation for Excentia Human Services was created to support the hopes and aspirations of individuals with developmental disabilities, autism, and other human service needs. We do this by providing financial opportunities for all people to grow personally and professionally through various endowments and funds.


The General Endowment allows us to strengthen current and create new support methods for all people with disabilities and autism, enabling us to carry out a critical need in our community for a population often overlooked.


The Caring Community Fund provides resources to all people supported by Excentia Human Services who do not have enough personal funds to cover expenses associated with emergencies.

Training Fund

Supports our regionally recognized Center for Training and Professional Development. Through various educational opportunities, human service professionals can obtain nationally recognized credentials and increase their leadership and agency in the workforce.


A recurring gift that gives you the flexibility to make small donations that, over time, make a large impact.
By choosing an amount that works for you, you can make a difference in a way that makes sense for you and your family.


As a giving partner, your business or organization has the opportunity to support hundreds of people with developmental needs in the same communities your clients live, work, and play.

Your Will

One of the most popular and flexible ways you can support our cause, a bequest, is a gift made through your will or trust that can significantly help further our mission.

Beneficiary designations

Allow you to specify a percentage of your life insurance policy, annuity, or retirement plan which can be a tax-efficient way to leave your legacy.

Donating Appreciated Assets

Directly donating appreciated stocks, real estate, and other non-cash assets can deliver meaningful tax benefits that may outweigh cash donations.

Qualified Charitable Distrubutions

People 70 ½ years and older to give up to $100,000 from their IRA per year to qualified charities, without any income tax implications or needing to itemize deductions.


Leaving an organization as the beneficiary of a trust can allow for that organization to continue their mission after the trusts purpose has been served.

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If you intend to leave us a gift, please reach out to Karen Fitzgerald, Executive Director for The Aspire Foundation at kfizgerald@excentiahumanservices.org or 717-519-6740 x209