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teaching, reaching, and achieving independent living

The TRAIL Academy is designed to teach and prepare individuals to live independently, have fulfilling social relationships, and be able to access local resources. The program is time-limited with a maximum of 18 months. Initially providing supports 24 hours per day, the level of support decreases over the course of the program as skill levels and self-confidence increase.
Funding for this program is supported by Lancaster County BHDS.

TRAIL addresses daily living skills such as:
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Increasing independence in medication and health management
  • Building self-reliance and increasing social involvement
  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Emergency and safety proficiency
  • Budgeting
  • Technology/online skills
  • Technology/online skills
  • Use of public transportation
  • Securing employment
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PROGRAM testimonial

“I’m glad I’m working because when I wasn’t, I was hanging out at the house all the time, so now I’m out doing things. I feel good because I know that I’m able do it and I don’t need anybody telling me that I have to do it.”

– Ryan



tammy m.

If you have a question or would like more information, please contact Tammy, Director of Residential Services.