ASA #GetTheFlockTogether

Excentia’s S. June Smith Center has this awareness campaign called “Get the Flock Together” or just “Flocking.” They chose to use flamingos because when they are born they aren’t pink, they are white and the environment they grow up in is what changes their colors and allows them to flourish. This goes hand in hand with what they do at Excentia’s S. June Smith Centers for children up to age five because they want them to flourish and give them the best possible environment to do that in.

When I first learned about flocking I was at the Be the Change event and a guy in a flamingo costumeSkateboarding Flamingo Spotted in Downtown Lancaster approached me asking if I knew what flocking was and if I wanted to get a picture. Of course I didn’t know anything but after learning about I knew a tabling event was in the future.

For starters a tabling event is when you book a table or two in a certain spot on campus, set up your fundraiser or awareness campaign and get students involved. The hope and outcome of tabling events is usually raising money and making sure that people are aware of what your organization does.

This past spring semester I decided to hold a tabling event in April, the official flocking month, where pink feather pins were made and sold to bring awareness to Excentia’s S. June Smith Center. The months leading up to the tabling event I had sisters and potential new members create the pins during recruitment week, so not only were the feathers being made, but flocking was being talked about.  Check out the video at the bottom of this blog to see step-by-step just how easy this process can be!

So when April came around all I had to do was buy a pink tablecloth, make an awesome trifold with a flamingo and set out all of the premade feathers on the table. When students and professors would walk by most were intrigued by the flamingo, which was a great conversation starter because it lead right into why I was selling the pins. Feather pins were sold for $1 and I would make sure to pin each one sold on someone’s backpack because on campus that is what gets the most attention. I also took various pictures of students doing the flamingo pose, which was suggested by the marketing team at Excentia and made for a fun group shot! Two Alpha Sigma Alpha Sisters in the Flocking Stance

At the end of my two hour tabling slot over $40 was raised, which means that 40 people were now walking around campus with our pink feather pins and bringing awareness to our cause. It’s amazing to see how something as little as a pin can get the conversation going.

If you want to host a flocking tabling event, flash mob or fundraiser check out the video above or send an email to for more information.  By the way, Millersville University isn’t the only campus who has “Flocked”, check out Saginaw Valley State University and their Flocking Fun! Large group of young men and women standing like flamingos, holding pink feather pins

Alpha Love and Mine,


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