Features: Anna Wiggins & Paul Phillips

Anna Wiggins: Child, ABA Feature

Four-year-old Anna Wiggins has been benefiting from Excentia Human Services’ Children Services, specifically Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA), for several months now. Her parents, Sandy and Austin Wiggins, deeply cherish her as the love of their lives.

Born during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic at only 3 pounds and 2 ounces, Anna faced many hardships, initially struggling with social interactions and forming connections due to periods of isolation. However, thanks to her involvement in Excentia Human Services’ Children’s Services, she has made remarkable progress in overcoming these challenges and has become more open and confident in engaging with others.

With the support of our ABA services, Anna finds joy in her therapy sessions, especially under the guidance of her therapist, Miss Caity, with whom Anna has formed a genuine connection and support.  As her mother, Sandy, said, “The structured therapies have brought about noticeable changes in Anna’s life, particularly in enhancing her social skills and improving her ability to communicate her wants and needs effectively.” She also has a true passion for active play and running around, which drives her inclination towards gross motor activities.

Building a strong foundation through proper therapies, like our ABA services, in childhood will inevitably assist Anna in her future. Giving her the confidence to use her voice to communicate for herself alludes to the why behind Excentia Human Services’ purpose. Our mission is to provide a lifespan of services for everyone to have equal value and opportunities to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Our name, “Excentia,” represents the unique element that defines all of us at our core and, through our services, honoring that part of each of us. With the support of our ABA services, what makes Anna unique is being honored.

Anna’s warm and loving personality has earned her admiration at the Children’s Center and among her extended family and friends. She loves books and adores anything music-related, like dancing. At four years old, her journey is a testament to her resilience and determination, as she continues to face and conquer new challenges each day.

Paul Phillips: Adult, Residential and CLS Feature

Paul Phillips currently resides in one of Excentia Human Service’s residential homes, receiving in-home support based on his needs. He also participates in our Community Life Services, joining a group of people who venture into the local community each week to participate in meaningful activities, ultimately increasing their independence and confidence.

Initially joining Excentia Human Services in 2021 to receive our Community Life Services, Paul has seen tremendous personal growth. During the latter half of the pandemic, Paul moved in with his sister, Jill, a local Lancastrian, who became his primary caregiver. With that change came normal dynamic shifts and challenges while she worked full-time. Bittersweetly and after much consideration, Jill knew she needed to find additional support for Paul to live his best life, as she couldn’t do it all on her own. After some time, Jill connected with Excentia Human Services.

As his sister shares, “Paul was initially shy when meeting new people, and he has become more sociable and open to forming new friendships thanks to his participation in Excentia’s services.”

In addition to our Community Life Services, Paul started receiving Residential Services in 2022. With our homes, we aim to develop a strong, natural support system for each person, including family, friends, and the community. Through many discussions, the addition of residential support to Paul’s services made complete sense, and that same year, Paul moved into one of our community homes. With the support of direct care staff, Paul has gained a newfound sense of purpose while participating in activities and social interactions where he might otherwise be limited. 

Among the activities he enjoys most is bowling, which he regularly does with his sister on Thursdays. Beyond that, he loves attending Kathy’s Circle of Friends, where he has made many friends and enhanced his social skills. He also loves mini golf, attending car shows, and exploring nature through walks and hikes.


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