Fine Motor Skill Activities for Preschoolers

Fine motor skills describe a child’s ability to use their small muscles, such as those in their fingers, hands and wrists, while coordinating with their eyes. These skills include tasks that require dexterity, control and strength, like holding small objects, buttoning clothes and writing.  Fine motor skills are beneficial for everyday functions, and children can […]

Thank you, Connie

Excentia Human Services would like to celebrate the extraordinary work of one of our most devoted employees: Connie Walp, Director of Early Childhood Services. After many years at Excentia, Connie is retiring and moving on to the next chapter of her life. She has been a loyal and committed team member who embodies the core […]

Mental Health In This Time of Crisis

By Jessica Brown, MS, LPC, NCC Moving into and through a global pandemic brings out a lot of feelings – surprise, confusion, fear, anxiety, stress, curiosity, questioning, and anger. We see you, we hear you, and we want to meet you in your moment. In a time of crisis, survival comes first for so many […]

Tele-intervention as a PT

By Kristina Schroeder, Physical Therapist As a pediatric physical therapist for almost 19 years, I thought I had worked in all settings possible: hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, and homes. I have had the privilege to work with children and their families in all those settings and felt like I could handle anything that came my […]

From Speech-Language Pathologist to Mom and Back

By Elisa Anderson, MS, CCC-SLP Early Intervention supports are continuing in Lancaster County! When I first heard that Early Intervention services would be switching to a tele-intervention model, I was less concerned than many of my peers that I spoke to. In a previous job, I had help to pilot a new tele-therapy program for […]

Teachings from Tele-intervention

By Amy Dearing, MA CCC-SLP Early Intervention supports are still going strong in Lancaster County! Instead of providing supports in homes or community settings, we have made the transition to doing so virtually, known as tele-intervention. Excentia Human Services’ Infant & Toddler Early Intervention program focuses on building the capacities of parents and caregivers to support their […]

Give back to the S. June Smith Center

Tis the season to give back! Every year when Christmas time rolls around I always find small ways to give back to my community. One year my family participated in an “adopt a family” for for the holidays where we got a wishlist from the family and headed out to stores like walmart and target […]

Jack is running!

This is a letter from one of our families, we hope that parents and who are in the earliest stages will take comfort in reading about Jack and his family. Our son, Jack, graduated from your birth to three program through S. June Smith last October. We are writing today to let you know that […]

Speech Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy One parent shared her joy the day her child said, “Now people can understand me when I talk!” Imagine our joy here at the S. June Smith Center, knowing we had a role to play in that child’s success. We are happy to announce that we are now offering private speech and […]

Resting Easy

Perhaps one of the biggest difficulties parents regarding their children is sleep. The good news is that most sleep issues can be addressed. It’s a fairly unrecognized “routine” but probably one of the most important. It is during sleep that the brain is at its most active! This is particularly true in the developing child. […]