Extra Give 2022 – Impact Highlight

As the youngest of five siblings, Bennett always loves tagging along for family activities. In his early years, nothing seemed concerning with Bennett’s development.

COVID-19 Vaccine Info

Updated 3/9/21 Excentia Human Services stands in support of COVID-19 vaccines and strongly encourages all employees, people we support, and community members to get a vaccine as soon as they are able. Since the vaccinations have been made available, well over a hundred employees have been vaccinated, and more are signed up and waiting to […]

COVID-19 Updates and Policies

Updated 01/06/2022 Resources PA Dept of Health – Coronavirus in Pennsylvania Residential Services Visits at the Residential Home We have made great strides in reducing the numbers of COVID-19 cases in our residential homes and want to continue minimizing the risk to those who reside in the homes. We request you follow the indoor visit […]