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Mental Health In This Time of Crisis

By Jessica Brown, MS, LPC, NCC Moving into and through a global pandemic brings out a lot of feelings – surprise, confusion, fear, anxiety, stress, curiosity, questioning, and anger. We see you, we hear you, and we want to meet you in your moment. In a time of crisis, survival

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Tele-intervention as a PT

By Kristina Schroeder, Physical Therapist As a pediatric physical therapist for almost 19 years, I thought I had worked in all settings possible: hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, and homes. I have had the privilege to work with children and their families in all those settings and felt like I could

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From Speech-Language Pathologist to Mom and Back

By Elisa Anderson, MS, CCC-SLP Early Intervention supports are continuing in Lancaster County! When I first heard that Early Intervention services would be switching to a tele-intervention model, I was less concerned than many of my peers that I spoke to. In a previous job, I had help to pilot

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Teachings from Tele-intervention

By Amy Dearing, MA CCC-SLP Early Intervention supports are still going strong in Lancaster County! Instead of providing supports in homes or community settings, we have made the transition to doing so virtually, known as tele-intervention. Excentia Human Services’ Infant & Toddler Early Intervention program focuses on building the capacities of parents

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Sharon’s Employment Story

Sharon has been working at Miller’s Smorgasbord since August 2018. She started with cleaning and wrapping silverware, then began learning how to run the dishwasher. Now, her responsibilities include silverware, cleaning windows, filling the buffet, serving desserts, sorting dishes, and operating the dish machine. Sharon is not one to stay

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Enhancing Lives, Transforming Our Community

Do you remember how it felt when you moved out on your own for the first time? Excitement mixed with a sense of accomplishment, and a bit of apprehension about what the future had in store for you. The culmination of the skills and knowledge you gained along the way

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The Power of Communication

When I first met Vanessa at her home, her vibrant personality greeted me at the door. For those who do not know her, Vanessa is very expressive and curious about everything that is happening in her environment. She will maneuver her body to see what is occurring in any direction

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Excentia Human Services to Unveil New Preschool Playground

Aging equipment replaced with inclusive, ADA accessible playground for preschool children Excentia Human Services is pleased to announce the unveiling of a brand-new playground at its Ephrata Preschool, housed at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ephrata, PA. The new playground replaces the previous wooden structure which had become outdated and

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Excentia Announces Rebrand to Excentia Human Services

Excentia is pleased to announce its rebranding to Excentia Human Services, effective today. Initiated as part of the organization’s new strategic plan, the goal of the rebrand is to better reflect its newly expanded mission of providing services throughout the lifespan for all people to have equal value and opportunities

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TimberNook from an OT Perspective

The TimberNook program is designed to provide children the opportunity to explore nature, learn from the environment around them, and engage in creative play. As occupational therapists, we understand how much an individual’s environment can impact their overall growth. Occupational therapy views play as the most important element to a

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