Sharon’s Employment Story

Sharon has been working at Miller’s Smorgasbord since August 2018. She started with cleaning and wrapping silverware, then began learning how to run the dishwasher. Now, her responsibilities include silverware, cleaning windows, filling the buffet, serving desserts, sorting dishes, and operating the dish machine. Sharon is not one to stay home and watch TV. She said, “I like being busy, having different things to do,” which is why this job is a great fit for her. Some of the places Sharon worked in the past were not as understanding of her specific barriers or need for extra help to learn new tasks. At Miller’s, Sharon enjoys her job and says her co-workers are very nice.

Miller’s Smorgasbord has been working with Excentia Human Services and Sharon’s job coach since she started working there in 2018. Sharon’s manager, Jonathan, stated that it has been a great experience and he can easily communicate with her job coach for any needs or concerns. When asked about Sharon, Jonathan said, “Sharon is very pleasant, she keeps smiles on all of our faces.” He reported that her biggest strength is that she is very structured in her work, always making sure she is completing her tasks. Jonathan said he would hire another person from the Supported Employment Services program as it has been a very positive experience.

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