Excentia Announces Rebrand to Excentia Human Services

Excentia is pleased to announce its rebranding to Excentia Human Services, effective today. Initiated as part of the organization’s new strategic plan, the goal of the rebrand is to better reflect its newly expanded mission of providing services throughout the lifespan for all people to have equal value and opportunities to lead productive and fulfilling lives. The rebranding includes a redesigned logo, tagline, vision, and a new website to be launched by the end of the year.

“We have developed a strong vision of what we want to be in the future as a human services provider. This vision includes building on the success of our current programs, as well as growing our reach to other underserved populations in need of services,” said Excentia’s CEO, Chris Shaak.

The change comes after the organization’s 50+ years of service in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Under its official corporate name, the PAI Corporation, the organization was formed in 1986 from a larger multi-county organization, Prospectus Associates. In 2011, the PAI Corporation acquired United Support Group, a Lancaster-based organization founded in 1993. In 2012, the PAI Corporation changed its name to Excentia. Finally, the Lancaster-based S. June Smith Center, which was founded in 1965, was acquired by Excentia in 2013.

As part of transitioning to Excentia Human Services, the organization will phase out the use of any other names, including the S. June Smith Center. While Excentia Human Services remains committed to continuing the legacy of Dr. S. June Smith, this program will be referred to as Early Childhood Services. By unifying under the Excentia Human Services name, the community will have a better understanding of what the organization does and the lifespan of services it provides.

“As Board Chair of Excentia, my commitment to this amazing organization couldn’t be stronger” said Lisa Johanning, SVP/Director Talent Acquisition for Fulton Financial Corporation. “The organization has grown tremendously and stands as a leader in providing an exceptional level of care to those we serve and support. I’m passionate about making our schools, communities, and workplaces as inclusive as possible, and Excentia Human Services is a valued partner to make this happen.”

For more information, please contact Brittany Grear at bgrear@excentiahumanservices.org.

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