Allegra’s Story

When we asked Anthony and Kristie what one word best to describe their daughter, Allegra’s, personality they answered, “charismatic!”  Their family started their journey with the S. June Smith Center through our Birth to Three program where Allegra received physical, occupational, and speech therapy in their home.  The three therapists from the S. June Smith Center worked with Tony, Kristie, and Allegra on a regular basis until Allegra reached a point where she graduated from needing services.


While our therapists certainly miss spending time with Allegra and her family, it’s a true success story when we can see our kiddos thriving on their own.  Kristie and Tony shared that they enjoyed interacting with Allegra’s therapists and seeing her grow and develop in a fun environment.


Kristie and Allegra continue to utilize the services from the S. June Smith Center as they together attend a weekly S.P.L.A.S.H. class.


Allegra loves to play with her dolls, while she also enjoys dress up, dancing and singing. Her favorite color is purple! And, her favorite book is I’ll Be Me and You Be You.

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