Nadia’s Story

Nadia is a social butterfly!  She loves playing with her baby dolls and caring for them. Her favorite color is pink. She loves to paint, color and sing. She is a huge fan of books and loves the characters in the stories. Her favorite book is Sophia the First. Nadia’s love for stories also extends into live theater. She loves going to see stories come to life on stage.


Nadia received services from the S. June Smith Center ‘s Birth to Three Program. Eric and Jerissa, Nadia’s parents, share their experiences with the S. June Smith Center:


“Where do we start… Nadia was blessed to have all three of her therapists from S. June Smith since she was 2 months old.  Nadia just turned 3!  Our therapists worked together collaboratively to have Nadia walking, using sign language, eating independently and ready to begin a successful preschool experience in an all-inclusive environment.”


When we asked them what they liked most about the S. June Smith Center, they said,


“The therapists at the really listen to family wishes regarding what will work and what will not. They are always willing to restate goals and challenge development to the next level without any pressure for the child to perform.”

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