ASA #GetTheFlockTogether

Excentia’s S. June Smith Center has this awareness campaign called “Get the Flock Together” or just “Flocking.” They chose to use flamingos because when they are born they aren’t pink, they are white and the environment they grow up in is what changes their colors and allows them to flourish. This goes hand in hand […]

Scrapbooking Event

Super Saturday Scrapbooking   The biggest event that my chapter holds is a scrapbooking event each semester where all the money raised goes directly to Excentia’s S. June Smith Center. This past semester I quickly learned how much time and effort goes into planning and executing a ten-hour scrapbooking day.   Pictured: Lexis Lipko at […]

How to live the good life.

With the current political climate at a constant rolling boil, the morning news can be a pretty depressing start to the day.  Mix that in with local stories of a fire or an arrest and you can start to think that we are doing it all wrong.   But there are two gentlemen that I’ve […]

Lexis joins Excentia

My name is Lexis Lipko and I am currently a Junior at Millersville University located in Lancaster, PA. I am studying for a degree in Speech Communication with an option in Public Relations. At school I hold a few positions such as secretary/treasurer for Panhellenic Council and service and giving chair for my sorority, Alpha […]